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Growing the Cure for Alzheimer's Disease

100% of proceeds contributed to Alzheimer's research initiatives, is dedicated to growing awareness and harvesting a cure for Alzheimer's disease through online activism and gardening.

Get involved with our farm, build your garden, and grow awareness.

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Your contribution can Harvest the Cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


Discover an innovative gardening system that will grow with you.

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After a cappuccino-charged day on Rodeo Drive, step out of your S-Class … and step into your Beverly Hills farm! An ecosystem of elegance, escape the back-breaking labor of traditional gardens, and embrace a tranquil method of farming that rivals meditation.

The Beverly Hills Farmer ROLLING GARDEN is perfect for courtyards, balconies, and esplanades of novice or astute garden enthusiasts BECAUSE we integrate the benefits of SQUARE FOOT GARDENS, RAISED BED GARDENS, and ELEVATED GARDEN BOXES into an elegant modular gardening system!

Beverly Hills Farmer Gift Shoppe Grand Opening

We're excited to announce the opening of the  Beverly Hills Farmer Gift Shoppe! Just click "Shoppe," and peruse our growing selection of gifts. Have gift...

Ultra-Premium Beverly Hills Farmer Custom Decals

We're excited to announce the availability of our ultra-premium custom decals in our Gift Shoppe! These decals are a brilliant means to help...

Beverly Hills Farmer laptop decals now available

Grow Alzheimer's awareness with these stylish matte charcoal laptop decals, now available in our Gift Shoppe! Adorn your laptop or tablet with these elegant decals...

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